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Firstsite is currently ‘in-between exhibits.’

Like jobbing actors signing on, it’s that tricky period where you have the glory of the past to reflect upon. There is also something fresh in the future to get all excited about.

That next big PAY DAY is around the corner.


With Gee Vaucher’s quite incredible Introspective now packed away into the anarchist storage space, what next at the Golden Goose?

Some Chinese installation art, and a good owd Colchester Cabinet of Curiosities.


We think?

Yep – it seems like quite an odd combination; but Firstsite never did take the easy route…

The main exhibition opening on 10 March will be Zhang Enli’s Gesture and Form.

We know of a couple of local Cllr’s that have plenty of Gesture and Form, Comrades…

It actually all looks rather exciting. Enli will be attempting to resolve that perpetual Firstsite problem of what the chuff to do with the bloody sloping wall:

“The centrepiece of the presentation will be a site-specific intervention that will span the entirety of the gallery’s 140-metre curving wall.”

Good luck with that one.

And then we come to the Cabinet of Curiosities from the Colchester Collections – a parallel exhibition, also opening on 10 March:

“Wunderkammer; a cabinet of curiosities that will grow over the coming years to surround the Berryfield Mosaic sited permanently below the gallery floor.”

Hang on.


Is this a replacement for the Wunder Wotsit along Queen Street that never quite got off the ground?

Wunderbar! etc.

It will be good to get the old Colchester classics down form the loft so that the Little People can have a shifty of them.

Both exhibitions have an evening opening on Friday 10 March, 6pm – 8pm.

Past experience has taught us to swerve these evening luvvie gatherings. Get yourself down to the Golden Goose the following Saturday morning for an objective appreciation, without the civic hype.


One thought on “Firstsite Future

  • 2nd March 2017 at 8:09 pm

    This will be happening in March as well.

    11 March – 2 April 2017


    Riots. Revolts. Revolution. All flashing moments which throw the world – and our relationship with to it – into question. From the uprising against the Russian Czar one hundred years ago, to the Arab Spring and protests against war, austerity and the continuing failure of politics, people have pinned their hopes on radical political change, on turning worlds upside down. But all too often the ever-renewed dream of changing the world for the better has ended either in failure or has been crushed.
    This pop up exhibition, for three weeks only, explores these moments of destabilization, crisis, and renewal. Included are Cairo based Mosa’ab Elshamy’s photographs from the 2011 – 2013 revolt in Egypt, the Justseeds’ Celebrate People’s History poster series, and David Mabb’s ‘Long Live the New! Morris & Co, Hand Printed Wallpapers and K. Malevich’s, Suprematism’.

    Each communicates or represents moments of upheaval. How do these histories resonate with each other? What can we learn from them? What might they say to each other? And how might they say it today, as political communication shifts from print materials to digital and social media?

    A programme of talks and film screenings accompanies the exhibition, as well as a workshop space in which visitors can make their own print or collage.

    Cheers, Stevphen (guest co-curator for Gee’s exhibition)

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