Big Choice: The Return

And so CBC has published the runners and riders for the second Colchester Big Choice.


You may remember how £200,000 was made available for the first Big Choice.

CBC had budgeted to TURN ON the street light of Sunny Colch.

ECC didn’t agree.

A half decent one off idea then emerged: let’s give the dosh to local causes, and put it to the public vote.

Just weeks away from the all out CBC local elections as well.

Fancy that.

And now Big Choice is back for a second bite of the cherry.

We’re not quite sure where the funding is coming from in the budget this time round.

It does seem odd that a local authority that is not shy of playing the central government cuts card now has £100,000 up for grabs.

But you have to applaud the vanity of the public vote.

Disclaimer: allowing people to vote does not always lead to the best outcome…

The slight change this year is that two categories make up two short lists: £5,000 projects and £20,000 projects.

This seems a decent approach. We were contacted by some groups last year who were a little peeved at the minimum £25,000 pitch.

As for the short listed 2017 local organisations?

All appear to be worthy. We confess to have only skim read through the headlines.

There is the danger that this all becomes a little localised. You vote for the project closest to your patch.

*some* local areas appear more ‘engaged’ than others [HELLOOOOO Wivenhoe…]

It’s a shame that CBC couldn’t take on board the experience of Colchester Soup.

Trust is a two way process.

Voting is open until 10 March.

Clickety click.

Plus does anyone know if the projects funded last year have delivered?


Wivenhoe Repair Reuse Recycle – Helping residents to repair and reuse 1000s of household items…pdf icon more [148kb]

Open Road – Providing support for individuals affected by drugs and alcohol, and addressing digital exclusion…pdf icon more [149kb]

Messing Cum Inworth Parish Council – Community Orchard…pdf icon more [150kb]

Signpost – Monthly workshops to provide knowledge and skills to help people find employment…pdf icon more [149kb]

Mersea Island Community Association – Purchase 200 new chairs for the community centre…pdf icon more [147kb]

Mile End Methodist Church Pre-school – To provide training and equipment for the staff and children …pdf icon nbsp;more [150kb]

St Edmunds Football Club – Coaching project for girls’ football teams…pdf icon more [150kb]

Find Your Spark – Resilience training programmes for parents of children with Aspergers/Autism …pdf icon more [150kb]


Dedham Therapy Farm – Animal facilitated therapy/occupational therapy for vulnerable people. …pdf icon more [150kb]

Colchester Furniture Project – Delivering free household items to disadvantages and vulnerable people…pdf icon more [150kb]

Colchester Citizens Advice – Providing rehabilitation support for patients of The Lakes Psychiatric Unit…pdf icon more [152kb]

Colchester Hospitals Charity – Charity Time Garden for dying patients and their families …pdf icon more [150kb]

Out4Good – Working with 18-25 yr olds who need intense support to reduce their offending behaviour…pdf icon more [152kb]

Colchester and East Essex Cricket Club – Refurbishment and extension of existing cricket pavilion …pdf icon more [148kb]

Colchester Age Concern – YOYO – Intergenerational, volunteer project…pdf icon more [150kb]

Colchester Korban Project – Setting up a ‘move-on’ house, a stepping stone for young, homeless people…pdf icon more [150kb]

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