CBC Cabinet Titbits

Things that we now know following the CBC Cabinet meeting this evening…

And Hamilton remains a most interesting character.

Just parking this here.

We had a charming chat with Mr H ahead of Cabinet. He told us that he was “banned” from speaking at Have Your Say.

He then started talking about sex.

We made our excuses and headed for the Grand Jury Room.

Resident Nick Chilvers remain the voice of reason

Another very well-considered Have Your Say from Mr Chilvers. It is no coincidence that his thoughts often then become policy. We like to think of him as the People’s Unofficial Representative at CBC.

But don’t tell him that…

His beef on Wednesday (he never has ‘beef’ – more like processed quorn…) was to do with the exclusion of the offline legions in the forthcoming CBC consultation on waste.

Expect it to become official CBC policy first thing on Thursday morning.

The Budget is coming, which can only mean one thing: chest beating

Give a local politician the opportunity to tell you how bloody good they are, and they will bang on for hours.

The 2016/17 General Fund Revenue Budget may sound dull, but essentially it was each Cabinet member setting out their pitch for their respective patches ahead of the penny-counting exercise next month.

This just in: each portfolio is incredibly proud of what they have achieved against those nasty Tory cuts.

Fancy that.

Colchester Playboy #2 Darius Laws did a half-decent job in holding Cabinet to account over the lack of action in lighting up the town’s heritage assets.

His simple Q though led to a speech from each and every Cabinet member about why they are the bollocks.

And not bollocks.

‘Aint No Party Like a Housing Revenue Account Estimates 2016/17 Party

Nope – there really ‘Aint No Party Like a Housing Revenue Account Estimates 2016/17 Party.

If the Budget agenda item was the wall-to-wall vomiting of a teenage house party, the Housing Revenue Account Estimates was the sound of the parents coming home to spoil the fun.

Cabinet went from jubilant to dejected in the time it takes to flick a page in a CBC report.

The premise is that the LibLabIndie lot are stuffed. They build new homes, and are ten penalised by the nasty Tories in Westminster. Meanwhile Right to Buy is depleting the housing stock.

Or so the official LibLabIndie party line goes.

Thirty-four new homes were built in the borough last year – the first time in decades that a new programme of renewal was underway.

Thirty-eight were lost under Right to Buy.


Garden Settlements are the Nu Living Cities

It’s all about housing, isn’t it?

LibDem Cllr Bill Frame was rather happy about the CBC plans for Garden Settlements. It may sound like a middle-England idilc, but the reality is new estates dumped around our town where the infrastructure simply can’t take it.

*cough* land at the back of the Greenstead.


Politicising Waste and Re-Cycling is just… Rubbish

As referenced by resident Mr Chilvers, a major public consultation on waste services is coming in Colchester.

And so is an all-out set of Council elections in four months time.

Oh Lordy.

The Tory line is that the LibLabIndie lot are scared shit to run with the consultation ahead of the elections. Truth be told and they are scared shit to run with anything that may just have a vision of offering anything slightly different.

Meanwhile the LibLabIndie lot are accusing the Tories of not wanting to give a choice to residents.

This particualr remark from CBC Leader Cllr Smith led to some pretty spectacular GUFFAWS from the blue rinse mob sitting at the back of the Grand Jury Room.

But yeah – waste and re-cycling is about to change.

CBC need a re-boot

In oh so many ways…

Various procedural agenda items followed. We got a little lost / bored to be honest.

We think that *some* Cabinet members felt the same.

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