CBC Full Council Titbits

Things that we now know following the CBC Full Council meeting this evening…

Timing is everything in politics

And that includes hit and miss bloggers wanting to capture every word of wisdom being spoken at Full Council.


So yeah – apologies.

We missed: Have Your Say,

Madam Mayor’s Announcements,

Recommendations of the Cabinet, Panels and Committees [sat through these before],

Revenue Budget, Fees and Charges,

Capital Programme and Financial Reserves [dull],

Local Council Tax Support 2016/17 [contentious?] and

Nomination for Deputy Mayor 2016-17 [Cllr G Oxford].

Not very good at this, are we?

Thankfully the lovely students from the Essex University Multi-Media course were sitting in the public gallery once again to fill us in.

We made it to the Town Hall though just in time to hear Review of the Statement of Licensing Policy.

We were in need of a stiff one, to be honest.

The Twitter debate that followed turned out to be far more interesting.

Never Mind the Ballots

Somehow an agenda item looking at polling districts managed to become politicised. You could start a debate about dog shit at CBC and someone would play the political game.


Conservative Cllr Roger Buston of Lexden went off on one about the

“People who manage buildings where polling places are.”

He probably meant local schools.

And the beef?

Those highly tribal, highly irritating ‘tellers’ who try and bother you when you are doing your spunking cock thing for democracy..

Cllr Buston’s point was that the political botherers should be allowed a place in side the inner sanctums of local democracies.


This then led to an incredibly rare apolitical interjection from CBC Chief Executive Adrian Pritchard, who pointed out that tellers aren’t part of the political process.

There. That’s told you.

Poo Poo Politics Stinks

And so on to the dog shit on the streets of Sunny Colch.

Conservative Cllr Shue Lissimore has something of a thing about this.

It wasn’t quite dirty protest time at CBC, but there was concern about how long residents should expect dog mess to be cleared up by CBC officers.

Ask a silly Q, etc.

Labour’s Cllr Tina Bourne, the Portfolio Holder for Dog Poo, quite rightfully pointed out that dog owners should take personal responsibility.

Failing that then 24 hours seems quite reasonable.

Meanwhile, in Prettygate Pouch Poo Poo News:

Sometimes CBC Full Council feels uncomfortably like being back at a Parish Neighbourhood Action Panel meeting (before they were disbanded because they seemed to have a fixation with dog faeces.)

Independence for Sunny Colch

Q’s to Cabinet managed to resurrect the monthly CBC Full Council issue of Colchester Vs Chelmsford.

We are not entirely sure how this was allowed to happen.

Conservative Cllr Chillingworth of Great Tay asked a Q about devolution.

It can’t come quick enough for The Chronic to be honest. Imagine how forward thinking we could become if the WEIRD LibLab Cabinet controlled everything that took place within the town…

CBC Leader, Lib Dem Cllr Smith seemed to agree with the race towards independent obscurity, claiming that it was the [wait] dastardly Tories over at ECC in Chelmsford that are slowing the process down.

Fancy that.

Meanwhile the CBC / ECC Double Dippers who manage to draw an allowance for being Members on both Councils sat a little shifty in their seats.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr Dennis Willetts surpassed himself with an ACE Q asking if LibDem Cllr Bill Frame was God.

It wasn’t quite put in such a theological fashion, but the Tory Leader wanted reassurances that future planning in Sunny Colch won’t take place in areas at the risk of floods.


Cllr Frame looked in vain for the CBC Chaplain, before deferring his answer, and accepted that he doesn’t have a hotline to the Big Fella upstairs.

Jumbo – they won’t let it lie

Cllr Frame was able to answer a Q about Jumbo though.

Or at least he attempted to, by stating that he couldn’t answer it.

Conservative Cllr Darius Laws of Castle ward wanted to know when residents will be able to see the viability report about what the options are for everyone’s favourite unloved Victorian water tower.

Don’t we all, Comrade.

Ignoring the fact as to why CBC is even commissioning a study on a building that it doesn’t even own, it seems that the Little People will have to wait a little longer.

And then as ever, Jumbo took one in the face for the political team.


We *heart* Jumbo.

Colchester’s Got Talent (and Dosh)

The distribution of the £200k extra dosh that CBC has in reserve was then addressed.

CBC Leader Cllr Paul Smith explained how this will *possibly* be put to an online vote, and most definitely in the current financial year.

‘cos that’s going to be secure, isn’t it?

Cllr ‘allowances’ make Cllr’s very angry

Meanwhile, there is nothing at all dignified about bickering local politicians, talking about how much they should (or shouldn’t) be paid.

The Members Allowances Scheme was CBC at it’s absolute worse.

We confess to getting a little lost in the arguments here.

Conservative Cllr Ben Locker of Mile End made a lengthy speech. It basically boiled down to why the LibDem Group Leader was able to receive as Special Responsibility Allowance, as well as the LibDem Leader of CBC.

It was a good point, and one that was well made.

What then took place was just plain embarrassing.

Being a non-school night, Prettygate ward Cllr Will Quince was in attendance at Full Council.

That’s Will Quince MP to you, Sonny.

The subject of MP’s pay is always going to be a gift for any opposition politician. Especially so if that opposition politician wasn’t quite as successful as Will Quince MP in reaching their political ambitions.


It was nothing but a distraction, and wasn’t even related to the CBC agenda item that was supposedly being debated.

No one really came out of this very well.

The Annual Scrutiny Report was then noted (nice), the Authorisation of Absence from Council and Committee Meetings for Cllr Nigel Offen was carried (get well soon) and then the Schedule of Portfolio Decisions was also noted (nice, nice).

And that was yet lot.

A lively old Full Council, but we can’t really work out what it all achieved.

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