A to B with CBC

Sometimes a blog post is best presented as a list – a listicle – if you will.

The information below is a case in point.

It all relates to the next meeting of the Colchester Borough Council Local Plan Committee, taking place at the Town Hall on 5th October.

If you are planning on attending (um…) then you may want to consider your mode of transport.

High up on the agenda [pdf] is the:

Colchester Borough Travel to Work Patterns Report.


Sexy as ever, etc.

Basically it details how we all get around Sunny Colch, and where we are heading.

The data comes from the 2011 census.

It may sound dull, but this is crucial data as CBC plans ahead with future transport infrastructure.

The Car-chester gags still have a little bit of fuel left in the tank.

Park ‘n’ Ride needs to travel further down its journey before an objective analysis can be given.

Meanwhile we often wonder what happened to Colchester Cycling Town status.

(the money ran out…)

But what of the now?

Here are some of the headline points that the Local Plan Committee will be asked to consider next month:

109,043 work related trips per day are made across the Borough.

54,058 (69%) people live and work in the Borough.

24,850 leave the Borough for work.

22,968 people come into the Borough to work.

The most important destination for employment is Castle ward (town centre).

Across the Borough 10% of employed residents work at home.

The car dominates the mode of transport to work representing 55% of all journeys in the Borough.

Cycling represents 4% of employed resident’s choice of transport to work.

St. Andrew’s has the highest bus use with 12% of employed residents travelling by bus to work.

12% of employed residents go ‘on foot’ to work in the Borough.

Mile End continues to have the highest level of employed residents travelling to work by train at 18%.

We’re sure that many conclusions can be made from this data, but we’re not the ones to be making these.


The figures for those leaving and those coming in more or less balance out.

It will be interesting to see if the town centre as the most popular destination for work changes over the years with Tollgate and the A12 leisure development both looming.

Homeworking will probably rise considerably as well. This is great for easing pressure on the transport infrastructure, but not always so good for local traders in the town centre.

55% car journeys Vs 4% cycling commutes is risible.

To be honest, there’s not a huge incentive as a cyclist to cycle around Colchester. The car rules in this town.

As for the outcomes?

The Local Plan Committee somehow manages to crowbar the current CBC buzz phrases into a dull as ditchwater transport report:

“This research helps to deliver the following themes of the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan:

Vibrant – promoting our heritage and working hard to shape our future – this work helps develop the local plan.

Prosperous – generating opportunities for growth and supporting infrastructure – this research helps understand the pressure on the existing infrastructure and where there are potential opportunities.”

It’s all about the traffic jams, isn’t it?

There are no real conclusions, or even actions made in the report.

And so we aren’t going to draw any either.

On yer bike.

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