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Ahh – a return to the subject of FREEBIE meals for Cllr’s chomping away at the expense of the tax payer.

Yeah, yeah – it’s an all too easy target, and one that gets in the way of discussing genuine policy such as the savage cuts that the Tories at Essex County Council are making to the meals on wheels service.

You shouldn’t politicise the greed of Cllr’s wanting a free meal for simply doing their job.

But that’s exactly what Colchester Labour Group Leader Cllr Tim Young did this morning.

Tuck in, etc.

Comrade Young has a point.

It is the worst form of hypocrisy to make cuts to meals on wheels, whilst still enjoying a free meal for simply being a Cllr over in Chelmsford.

And so The Chronic took another look at the Freedom of Information request that we submitted to ECC at the start of the year.

We asked to see:

“A breakdown showing how many free meals each individual Cllr has taken advantage of for 2014.”

And whaddyaknow – some of the Comrades of Cllr Young appear to be dipping their bread on the ECC freebie gravy train.

Fancy that.

And so we pointed this out to Cllr Young, seeing as though he is keen to make a point about the hypocrisy of politicians having something for free that residents are expected to pay for.

Twitter ‘aint the best medium for a considered political debate, but the 140 characters or less reply came back rather quickly.

Like we said – this was most odd.

Our FoI clearly shows that members of the Labour Group – led by Cllr Julie Young – at ECC are also enjoying free meals over in Chelmsford.

This isn’t as many as the Conservatives, but then again the Labour lot over at ECC is rather short on numbers.

Maybe the FoI is incorrect?

We’ve checked, and double-checked again.

Our question clearly stated:

“A breakdown showing how many FREE meals each individual Cllr has taken advantage of for 2014.”

ECC came back and told us that the following Labour Cllrs enjoyed FREE meals in 2014:

“Cllr William Archibald 48

Cllr Keith Bobbin 73

Cllr Dave Harris 7

Cllr Julie Young 36

Cllr Michael Danvers 38

Cllr Karen Clempner 5

Cllr Tony Durcan 2

Cllr Ivan Henderson 17”

Our rough calculations make this 226 FREE meals were taken by the Labour Group at ECC in 2014.

Unless we are misreading the wording of our FoI asking about FREE meals?

This is not as bad as Tories, but sometimes you just need to call out the political BULLSHIT that comes from some of the Cllrs trying to score poxy political points.

Apologies, comment box etc, Comrade.

One thought on “Food for Thought

  • 4th Sep 2015 at 10:38 pm

    Well….. if this is not an advert for an eetlced mayor I dont know what is.I disagree with the Labour Group walking away. Whilst I understand it I dont agree with it. Politics is about dealing with difficult issues and situations. There is so much more to do between now and June and they should have continued. They could then put their programme to the electorate then and await the outcome of the election.The Tories have acted terribly and not in the interests of the people of Bristol. Playing games all in the effort to position themselves for the forth coming local and general elections.The Liberals have been trying to conduct the orchestral from the cheap seats which is completely unacceptable. Lets see what they will do but their record in office is questionable to say the least.It’s a shame that the abilities of our local politicians do not match the people of Bristol ambitions.We need to change the system and thats why I want an eetlced mayor for Bristol.

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