CBC Full Council Titbits

Things that we now know following the CBC Full Council meeting this morning…

We boycotted the bollocks of Mayor Making

We went for a swim instead.

Hey hoe.

But the best of luck to Cllr Theresa Higgins, who takes up the civic role of the Mayor of Colchester for the following 12 months.

It is pretty much a meet ‘n’ greet role, plus making sure that the silliness at Full Council doesn’t get out of hand.

We still don’t get the Deity level that the Borough Council anoints the Mayor with. High expectations, etc.

Theresa would have made an ACE Leader of CBC itself.

Speaking of which…

Finding a New Leader for CBC was Always Going to Lead to a Fall Out

And so we rolled up at the Town Hall in LYCRA shortly before midday for the real business of the Annual Borough Meeting.

This is where the new administration is formed, plus the Chairs, Deputy Chairs and members of the various Committees are divvied it up.

It’s far more than simply ceremonial – play your cards right and an average ward Cllr can trouser a little extra on the side.

Remember the latest set of local elections that took place only three weeks ago? They seem like an age away now.

To recap:

The Tories took four seats off the LibDems. The Comrades of the Colchester Labour party held their three contested seats. Ditto for the Highwoods and Stanway Indie lot with their single seat that was up for grabs.

Which all lead to a final head count of:

Tories 27, LibDems 20, Labour 9, Indies 4.

We’ve blogged endlessly how the momentum is with the Colchester Conservatives, if not quite the numbers.

Step forward then on Wednesday morning LibDem Cllr Annie Feltham to move the Motion that Cllr Paul Smith be ‘crowned’ the Leader of CBC.

And without a mandate as well.

But wait! What’s this?

It’s only Tory Cllr Kevin Bentley butting in with an amendment to bag the top job for his Tory Leader, Cllr Dennis Willetts.


What else could the Tories do? Sit back and take it?


Instead we had the WEIRD situation where Cllr Smith – who doesn’t even lead his own party – putting forward his argument to lead the Council with the backing of his group that doesn’t hold the largest number of seats.

#Localism – LOVE IT.

Cllr Bentley banged on about “morality and legitimacy,” before talking about the “clapped out coalition” that has no mandate.

And that’s what it comes down to – pretty much a toss of the coin.

Do you go with the party that has the largest number of Cllr’s, or perhaps the coalition of convenience that keeps some of the same old faces turning over quite a nice little Cabinet earner?

It was a bloody horlicks to be honest.

You get what you vote for, folks.

It went to the vote, with 24 voting for the Tory amendment, and 28 against. The vote went the way of party lines.

Fancy that.

And so the Cabinet with no Mandate voted to keep itself in power for a further 12 months.


Oh, and the other lot on the True Blue side of the chamber would do well to hold the buggers to account, and not go AWOL when it comes to budget setting time once again.

The new administration was celebrated with a round of applause… by the new administration.

We sat on our hands, apolitical as ever.

CBC Joins the Modern Interweb Age

A little bit of council business was then rushed through. This basically allows Cllr’s to access the modern interweb whilst attending various meetings.

Welcome to the 21st Century, CBC. Now can we do away with the bollocks of Mayor Making, fur robes, wigs and all?

CBC Cllr’s are Rather Good at Giving Endless Speeches

Speeches then followed.

ENDLESS speeches.

It was all about praising ex Cllr’s Barlow, Hunt, Kimberley, Scott-Boutell and Turrell.

Cross party words of praise were passed on. So was an incredibly crap Coronation Street joke.

I agree with Nick, etc.

The only jaw-dropping revelation from all of the jollity was the admission from LibDem Cllr Jon Manning of Wivenhoe Cross that he is actually a Marxist.


Infrastructure, superstructure etc Comrade.

Cllr Manning then managed to blag the top job of Chairing up the ‘apolitical’ (yeah, right) Planning Committee.

Jumbo will become a Marxist Centre for Revolutionary Essex Thought before Christmas, Comrades.

And then it was All Rise for Madam Mayor, and the CBC circus came to a close – until the first meeting of the Cabinet with No Mandate that takes place next Wednesday.

Power, trust and accountability.

Somewhere in-between lies the truth.

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