Brodsky’s: Blimey

We don’t usually do the arts here at The Chronic – time, resources, ineptitude.

Just write about what you know, and try and Tell It Like It Is, etc.

But after the past week or so and our political will power has pretty much been pooped out.

We are in need of some artistic therapy.

Which is why we were so excited to hear that our friends from Roman River Music are bringing the BRILLIANT Brodsky Quartet to Sunny Colch next week.


The Brodsky’s will plucking their strings [is this right?] at The Mercury Theatre on Tuesday 19 May.

Last time that The Chronic set foot in The Mercury and we were left plucking and cursing ourselves after the #ATCMercury hustings.

We hope that no hecklers are sitting on the front row for the Brodsky’s.

The Quartet has carved out a high profile role over recent years with their ability to collaborate and step outside of any traditional constraints.

Chances are if you own a Bjork, Elvis Costello or Tunde Jegede CD [it says here…] then you would have heard the Brodsky’s doing their thing in your very own living room.

With over 60 albums to their name, plus appearances at 300 or so worldwide prestigious concert venues, the Brodsky Quartet is about to reach a creative peak with a concert in Sunny Colch.

Or something.

The Mercury is going to try out a new acoustic screen next Tuesday. The idea is that it will ‘throw’ the sound out into the audience.

No need for that next time Mr UKIP is in town and bellowing out his bile.

Our man at The Mercury tells us that around 400 tickets have so far been sold. You can probably still pick up some seats if you get your arse in gear.

Meanwhile the preparations for the Roman River Music 2015 Festival continue. The celebration of both creativity and Colchester will stretch to just over two weeks this year, running from 17 September through until 4 October.

The idea is to:

“Produces an annual music festival among the salt marshes and wide open skies of coastal Essex, uniquely combining strong grassroots support from over 100 volunteers with a truly international quality music programme in 15 unusual and unexpected venues.”

The locations are equally as important as the artists. There is also a decent outreach programme that takes the Roman River message into local schools.

Who knows – this could be an artistic turning point for The Chronic.

Bye bye two-bob politicians, hello Brodkys.

Sweet music to our ears.

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