Waiting Almost Over

This looks slightly more than half-decent:

Local Heroes at the Waiting Room with Anthony Roberts and Johnny Buffalo on 10 April.

We hesitate to use the throwaway phrase ‘heroes’, but Mr R and Mr B probably live up to the billing.

Add in the contribution from Keep Colchester Cool, and all bases seem to be covered when it comes to the trade description.

The Facebook page adds:

“If Desert Island Discs was instead based in an old bus station waiting room this would be it. Albeit a slightly more bonkers version.”

It sounds VERY Colchester.

Plus a little fishy with Fish Friday returning first to the Waiting Room down at St Botolph’s for a 6pm start.

LOCAL fish for LOCAL people.

Or something.

We’ve been waiting a while for the Waiting Room to re-open.

After an ACE debut year of experimentation at the old bus station, Marc and the Waiting Room volunteers took a much deserved break at the start of the year to recharge and rethink on how the second year can build upon the success.

The aim for the second year at St Botolph’s is:

“To make sure everyone in Colchester – from all walks of life – gets to know the Waiting Room, at least in a small way, and to be clearer about our purpose.”

Still a little bit of work to do there, but it was an ACE opening year for the Waiting Room.

That purpose is basically one of making sue of DEAD space in a happy, smily Sunny Colch way.

Why wait for the Cultural Quarter to be built when you just create some Colchester culture yourself?

We’ve said before: there’s no harm in CELEBRATING failure.

If CBC want to drag their creative arses then there is a gap for others to step in.

The Waiting Room re-opens on 27 March this year. It’s worth keeping an eye on the Facebook page for the many, many events.

Good Souls Bakery will be back every Thursday, and Chronic FAVE the Gamekeeper’s Daughter will be the resident chef once again.


Every one of ’em.

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