Vineyard Variation

A short Friday burst of blogging with the news that the much-delayed Vineyard Gate development in Colchester appears to be… delayed.


The SEXY Development Agreement and the Key Financial Terms seems to have slipped down the CBC calendar in the latest Forward Plan [pdf] that has just been published.

June 2015 is now the earliest that the business end of the deal looks like being sealed.

Previous publications of the Forward Plan did have Vineyard Gate down for the January Cabinet meeting that took place this week.

Don’t hold your breath on the Chronic reporting on the meeting in June. It will be a private meeting, open only to the members of the CBC Cabinet. Press and public will be kept well away.

As a reminder of what is planned to appear in what is currently the Vineyard Gate car park:

“Vineyard Gate will be a contemporary shopping development that will be fully integrated with the town centre, aimed at attracting new high profile retailers to enhance Colchester’s national position as a quality shopping centre.”

We hope that it doesn’t end up as simply a few retail units for big business being bolted on to the St Botolph’s side of the town.

The original plans included some rather fancy designs for an underground car park, elevated walkways, mysterious ghost like figures aimlessly wandering around this new fantasy world.

Betcha we get Burger King.

We are also expecting 150,000 sq ft of retail space, hopefully to be filled by a healthy mixture of local and national retail names.

£70m has been suggested as to the value of the project for Caddick Developments. CBC is expected to stump up £5m to kick start the project.

The endless delays have been caused by the small matter of the downfall of world capitalism.

And hurrah for that!

We think?

Public consultations, planning permission, more private meetings etc will have to take place ahead of the first fancy new shop fronts being built.

We may even live in a post-capitalist society by the time we get to enjoy Vineyard.

One thought on “Vineyard Variation

  • 30th Jan 2015 at 8:17 pm

    …and in the original plans (chosen on public competition and then modified out of all recognition), a bus station, a large waiting room, a bridge connection to Eld Lane, flowers and seating and water features along the Roman Wall. And a public toilet. Gossip promised a House of Fraser on floor one, and a Sainsburys on Floor 2.

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