Coming Up at Cabinet


One of the highlights in The Chronic’s calendar for January comes around on Wednesday evening.

It’s only the first CBC Cabinet meeting of the year.


After just about making it through a medically imposed Dry Bloody January, we are tempted to stop off for a half shandy at The Castle, stroll into the Grand Jury Room and then declare independence for Sunny Colch.

Who’s in?

Never mind.

We’ll be LIVE tweeting for you throughout the evening as we sober up.

And so what’s coming up at Cabinet for this month?

How about the SEXY Strategic Plan 2015-18…

If anyone was ever in any doubt that the role of a CBC Officer could also be incorporated into an advertising position, then now is the moment of truth:

“Rich heritage, ambitious future.”

Yes, yes.

But what does it all mean for the Little People?

We hope to find out on Wednesday evening.

Looking even further into the future is: Colchester’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2015-2020.

Back in the real world and our bloody black bin liners weren’t collected last week, let alone in 2020.

Highlights in the report include:

“The Cycle Colchester Training and Events Programme; Colchester Travel Plan Club; Colchester Station Travel Plan; ‘Better Town Centre’ focussing on traffic reduction in the town centre.”

‘cos they all went well, didn’t they?

Looking at the wider picture and the report addresses:

“Community energy and energy efficiency

Transport and accessibility

Resource management and waste

Engaged communities [WOT?]

Low carbon economy

Development and the built environment

Natural resources

Open space

Food and farming

Water and Flooding and

Climate Change.”

We do fear that the time when CBC appoints a Weather God to Cabinet is not too far around the corner. Never rains, but it pours, etc.

We’re not entirely sure who is being ‘enabled’ to be bloody sustainable here. CBC or the Little People?

Next up is: 2015/16 General Fund Revenue Budget, Capital Programme and Medium Term Financial Forecast.

Basically this all boils down to not increasing the Council Tax for the next twelve months. There’s a local election and the small matter of a General Election just around the corner, Comrades.

And then the Housing Revenue Account Estimates 2015/16 will… approve the Housing Revenue account estimate.



For the record, there is a revised budget deficit of £3,230,000.


But this is forecast to be back on track by the end of the year. And so that makes it all right then.


It’s worth noting that Colchester Borough Homes takes a ‘management fee’ of £6,222,400 from CBC to help look after the housing stock.

Nice work.

Which brings us to the Housing Investment Programme 2015/16.

Talk about going round the bloody houses, etc.

This is basically a five year investment programme to help bring the council houses in Colchester up to the required standard.

Then we have the snappy: Fundamental Service Review of Corporate and Financial Management – progress update for the year following the business case.

Which for an agenda item which is all about customer service, it could have come up with a better title.

The Half yearly Performance Report including progress on Strategic Plan Action Plan will bring the laugh-fest to a close. This is CBC self-certifying itself as a fine and standing public body.

All those in favour?

We will be LIVE tweeting [as opposed to what else?] from the Grand Jury Room at the Town Hall on Wednesday evening.

We also hope to have our LIVE audio stream up and running shortly after 6pm, assuming that the CBC freebie WiFi isn’t throwing a bloody wobbler on us.

Testing, testing.

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