Cuts? Wot Cuts?

The widespread claim that the Coalition cuts are ideological often confuses us here in Sunny Colch.

Research has been published today by Newcastle-upon-Tyne City Council aiming to show how that nasty Coalition is cutting left (DEFINITELY LEFT) right and centre to make a political point.

But wait! What’s this?

Colchester Borough Council actually came off relatively well following the latest round of local government settlements.

By some strange quirk of the figures, CBC will receive 0.42% MORE in central government funding for 2015 / 16 when compared to the previous year.

The average for England is a reduction of 2.1%. London Councils have been hit with an average of 4.3% reduction in funding.

This doesn’t mean that the annual Oyster Feast civic piss up is about to open up a FREE invitation to all residents in the borough.

The figures published today also show how CBC has lost £45.45 PER RESIDENT since the Coalition came to power almost five years ago.

Cuts are of course crap. They often impact the most needy in communities. They force local authorities to make some challenging decisions about where to focus priorities.

But the politics of cuts are also interesting.

There’s no denying that inner-city Labour run Councils have been shafted by the Coalition [helloooo!]

But the WEIRD LibLab love in that runs CBC remains relatively unscathed.

Someone within the Department for Communities and Local Government appears to like Colchester. Remember those Clegg-chester rumours?

If anything then this 0.42% increase should present some political challenges to the three main parties ahead of the General Election, plus the parallel next set of CBC local elections taking place on 7 May.

The Tories can claim that the Coalition is batting for Sunny Colch. Likewise the LibDems.

The Comrades of the Colchester Labour Party are keen to demonise the Coalition. The figures simply don’t stack up for Sunny Colch.

Sure the Coalition is doing some nasty things in terms of the Bedroom Tax etc, but a £45.45 reduction for every resident over a five year period under EXTREME austerity measures is something of a close escape.

Which all means hopefully that the next set of elections can be fought on a local level.

The part-time politicians of Sunny Colch sometimes look very much out of their depth when they attempt to posture along the lines of a national agenda.

We want to hear solutions to LOCAL Sunny Colch issues over the next few months: investment in the town centre, road repairs, and yep – bloody Jumbo.

Cut to the chase, Comrades.

One thought on “Cuts? Wot Cuts?

  • 14th Jan 2015 at 10:19 pm

    The councilors got a pay rise. This system is only corrupt now. I do believe it’s possible to have rules without rulers. People knew it was wrong to steal and kill long before any so called law was written on paper. I’m done with this philistine pyramid shaped structure of authority. Having this style of council was a necessity back in the day, after all how are you going to get 10 or 50 or 100 thousand people in one room making a coherent decision, you’re not. Groups that large suffer with the crowd disorder where we become extremely suggestible. So the current council structure kind of solves this problem. But this is a problem that no longer exists. A hundred thousand people is nothing to an online forum. I say we put an end to this pantomime, and we all know it’s a pantomime. We all know the real decisions are made behind closed doors. Then we’ll start something new, something better, something freer, something more equal, something that takes from the top and mercilessly sprays it at the bottom and we’ll call it “trickle up economics”.

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