Full Council Calling Card

Firstsite, political street lighting folly and ALDERMEN will all feature at the Town Hall tonight when the Cllr’s of CBC are summoned by Chief Exec Adrian Pritchard to attend Full Council.

Whaddya mean you have an office Christmas party to attend?

It’s a fairly hefty agenda [pdf]. Traditionally the final Full Council before Christmas is more about going through the process of being voting fodder, before the good Cllr’s can then retire to raise a glass of sherry with Mr Mayor.

There will be no such civic piss up for The Chronic. We will be at the Town Hall, LIVE tweeting from 6pm, plus hopefully also streaming the audio LIVE, CBC hit and miss WiFi permitting.

And so what can we expect from the December agenda?

The charade of ‘democratic’ #localgov is up first with the Cllr’s being asked to rubber stamp the Cabinet decisions.

As we already know, CBC Cabinet works through a series of wheeler dealer backroom meetings between the WEIRD LIBLAB love in.

A popular front is put on for the farce of Cabinet meetings, and then the respective party whips make sure that it all doesn’t fall apart at Full Council.

World’s greatest democracy, eh?

And so take it for granted that Cabinet’s iron will be resolved on the following:

Local Council Tax Support 2015-16

Officer Pay Policy

Appointment of Deputy Mayor 2015-16

Review of the Council’s Ethical Governance Policies

Review of the Members Code of Conduct and the Council’s Arrangements

Review of Local Code of Corporate Governance

Expect much jocularity at Full Council when Cllr Julie Young’s name is asked to be approved as the Deputy Mayor for the next civic year.

Cllr J Young is of course her own woman, and a very decent local ward representative at CBC and ECC level.

Betcha some of the bores from the Opposition benches won’t be able to resist any OH SO FUNNY jibes about who wears the political trousers, etc.

Plus we really hope that the Love Me I’m a Liberal lot don’t try and block Cllr Young’s nomination.


The political tit for tat in trying to block / smear Opposition nominations seems to have thankfully faded away.

And then we get on to the Motions submitted by Cllr’s. No sign of political tit for tat here.


Most definitely not…

Tory Cllr John Jowers has a half-decent motion about nuisance phone calls.

Labour’s Cllr Dave Harris will then make an interesting suggestion to TURN ON Sunny Colch once against, now that the Conservatives over in Chelmsford have saved some pennies with the switching off of street lights.

Cllr Harris is proposing:

“This Council seeks to reverse the impact of Essex County Council’s Part Night Street Lighting policy within the Colchester Borough by paying to Essex County Council the sum of £130,000 per annum (identified by Essex County Council as the amount saved by the night time switch off of the Borough’s lights) to enable the Colchester street lights to remain on all night.”

Council Tax and / or local reserves are suggested by Cllr Harris to help fund the great TURN ON.

LibDem Cllr Nick Barlow gets a little wordy with an amendment to the Labour motion. Essentially Cllr Barlow wants to involve the Green Investment Bank with this proposal.

Expect to the motion with the amendment to be carried.

Tory Cllr Marcus Harrington has a motion on helping the Secretary of State for Health try and resolve the Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust situation.

Labour’s Cllr Tina Bourne has tabled an amendment that appears to be based on linguistics only.

Her Comrade Cllr Tim Young will then stand up to suggest a reduction in VAT for tourist attractions from 20% to 5%.

It’s a fine proposal, but such matters are decided by Parliament.

Ever considered…




And then Full Council will come onto the Golden Elephant in the Sunny Colch room.


Oh Lordy.

We’ve blogged before how Conservative Cllr Will Quince has submitted a motion that basically asks firstsite to mean more to the people of Colchester.

It’s hardly a new argument being heard at Full Council. It’s quite a sea change though to hear this suggestion coming from a Cllr – and a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate – rather than a Have Your Say random resident.

Amazingly NO questions to Cabinet members have been submitted. It is around this time in the evening when the sherries will start to be decanted.

The appointment of Aldermen will get Full Council back into the back-slapping civic mode.

Once again – sorry, but we just don’t get Aldermen.

The schedule of decisions by Portfolio Holders will need to be voted on, and then The Chronic can leg it down to St Botolph’s to make the 9:07 train back to base.

Unless any of the Cllr’s fancy giving us a lift? (in a purely car sharing / non-political partisan transport arrangement, you understand.)

See ya later, Comrades.

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