Mayor Making

Mayor Making: like CBC Council Tax bills, you can guarantee that it will come around once every year.

And whaddyaknow – it’s almost time to select a new Deputy Mayor for Colchester.

Easy, huh?


“Some people get very weird about the mayoralty”

…as a high ranking CBC Cllr told us recently.

26 November is the date when the whole charades starts again. Appearing on the Cabinet paper [pdf] for that evening is:

Nomination for Deputy Mayor.

You may remember how this caused something of split last year in the LibLab love in that currently runs CBC.

Labour put up Cllr Julie Young for the civic honour. The LibDems unexpectedly blocked this by pushing forward Cllr Theresa Higgins, a move that was successful and led to the New Town Cllr currently wearing the mini-bling.

The Chronic ‘understands’ [yeah, yeah] that Cllr Julie Young will attempt a second running jump to become the Deputy Mayor of Britain’s Oldest Recorded in a couple of weeks time.

And so why was Cllr Young’s original attempt to become Deputy Mayor blocked?


The move by the LibDems to put up Cllr Theresa Higgins showed little respect for the etiquette of Mayor Making and the accepted party political rotation of Colchester Mayors.

The LibDems in Colchester have long since had an unwritten policy of blocking any attempt by a Labour Cllr to become Mayor.

Given the lack of appetite for any of the Comrades to step forward and get robed up, this has never really been an issue.

Until Cllr Young suddenly had a change a heart last year…

This bitterness goes back to an incident that took place at Full Council that we don’t think that we are really allowed to blog about for legal reasons.

The basics are that a Labour Cllr made an incredibly serious personal allegation against a LibDem Cllr under the legal protection of the Full Council chamber.

The LibDem Cllr had ambitions to be Mayor of Colchester at the time.

The allegation made by the Labour Cllr had the aim of damaging the LibDem Cllr’s attempt to become Mayor.

This allegation in front of Full Council by a Labour politician led to the LibDems deciding to block any future attempt by a Labour Cllr to become the Mayor of Colchester.

Thankfully this party political pettiness now seems to have settled down.

Which is good news – seeing as though we have a harmonious LibLab Coalition governing Colchester.

Oh – and we look forward to hopefully seeing Cllr Tim Young as an Escort: Mayor Making, robes, Oyster Fest etc (although we understand that another family member will probably be taking up this role…)

If Cllr Julie Young does become Deputy Mayor for 2015, it will be a busy time for the St Andrew’s representative: a Borough Cllr, a County Cllr and the Deputy Mayor of Sunny Colch.

Plus there’s the small matter of the General Election.

It’s a good job that civic etiquette dictates that anyone on civic duty doesn’t take up an active role doing the #LabourDoorStep thing.

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