CBC Full Council Titbits

Things that we now know following the CBC Full Council meeting this evening…

*non #localgov point* the FREE WiFi at the Town Hall is chuffing ACE. We clocked 10 megs at the start of the meet. The Town Hall has pop-up potential, freelancer kids. We’ll let you try that one first…

The secular nature of Full Council always surprises us. Christian prayers with plenty of deference.

CBC does many things alright. It does a few things with DISTINCTION. Have Your Say is one such feature. ANY resident can bang on about anything they like (sorta) for three minutes. They have the ear of Full Council. Accountable politicians have to respond as well. We’re pitching in with a Cable Car for Sunny Colch Q next month.

The whole planning issue for Tesco in Prettygate is *possibly* a right cock up. We couldn’t follow the technicalities. Resident John Clifton skilfully got CBC Leader Cllr Martin Hunt to admit that a mistake had been made. The Prettygate ladies in the public gallery gave a good heckle.

#tech is alive and well in the chamber. Cllr Hunt referred to an iPad for clarification during his response.

Resident Nick Chivers remains a stubborn arse. We rather like this. We strive to be known as the Second Stubborn Arse in Sunny Colch. Well done Sir in continually holding the Cllr’s to account. Didn’t understand the thrust of yer bus rant, mind.

Essex Uni VC Anthony Forster is a bloody good public speaker. No shit, etc. That’s his job. A very polished presentation looking forward to the future 50 years up at Wivenhoe Park.

It appears that quantitative thinking has taken over from the qualitative up on campus. Or put simply: sod off sociology, let’s all be business students at the new Knowledge Gateway. We still don’t understand what the chuffers the Knowledge Gateway is. ‘Office space’ was referenced more than once during the good Prof’s presentation.

The Uni is learning to LOVE Essex. The new marketing campaign leads heavily on a positive connotation with all things Essex. They’ve produced some Essex Coke bottles, just in case you weren’t sure on this…

Much to our relief, this didn’t turn into a University / CBC love in. A critical friend is the best way we can describe the contributions from the likes of Cllr Annie Fletham and Cllr Rosalind Scott.

Cllr Scott in particular asked some awkward Q’s about paving over the campus. Plus how can the University support her Wivenhoe patch. The former didn’t really provide an answer that grass lovers would like to hear; the latter didn’t produce much of an answer at all to be honest.

Cllr Tina Bourne asked an ideological – but equally important question – about how the University can help the kids in her St Andrew’s ward who are living in poverty. We don’t think that an Essex branded Coke bottle is the solution. An out-reach programme is being explored…

Trust a Tory to bring it back to business. Cllr Kevin Bentley was more concerned with “business clusters.”

Essex Uni presentation done and dusted, time for a toilet stop. An unexpected conversation then took place with the Essex VC – *not* in the Gents, btw.

This sounds sycophantic, but Professor Forster seemed genuinely concerned and ANGRY about the continued delay for Essex County Council to build the Wivenhoe Cycle Path that his University has so kindly spunked up £250k for – in return for being allowed to build a new car park…

Looks like ECC is in for a round of ‘further correspondence’ from the University in the coming weeks. An FoI to watch out for, Comrades.

CBC loves protocol and pomp. The remainder of Full Council was taken up with rubber stamping previously agreed Cabinet decisions, and then a few ducking and diving Q’s to Portfolio Holders.

We still don’t get the point of Aldermen.


Love Ur Car Colchester is taking up disabled parking bays. Cllr Bourne said that this is to encourage people not to use their car. We’re slightly confused. We think the logic is that if people park outside the town, they then might walk in.

Fire lanterns look like being banned. Yep. BANNED. Cllr Tim Young is looking into this.

Labour’s Cllr Dave Harris had the balls to ask a critical Q to Comrade Young about fuel poverty. Once again it all got very technical. The thrust is that CBC could have applied for a grant. It didn’t. It tried to get into bed with Suffolk County Council for a joint application. Suffolk said no. Ditto ECC. A wasted opportunity in taking a unitary stance.

Our final titbit of wisdom at Full Council came at the end from Mr Mayor:

“I showed some foreigners around Colchester Castle this week.”


Casual racism aside, it’s alarming to see the Civic Leader of CBC is confusing ‘foreigners’ with either tourists or even investors.

He then dug a hole larger than the Knowledge Gateway making an unrepeatable comment about a CBC Cllr who isn’t a white, English male.


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