By-election Bucks

Here’s a Chronic catch up before the Dedham and Langham by-election of last month slips down the back of the democratic settee.

A Freedom of Information request submitted by The Chronic shows that the farce of calling the Dedham and Langham by-election that nobody wanted (apart from the minority party that called it…) was:


This is actually relatively cheap compared to £15k figures that we have seen elsewhere.

But still – that’s almost £4k out of public funds for a by-election called by a *cough* minority party.

You may remember how CBC Conservative Cllr Mark Cable ‘ceased to be a Cllr‘ back in August after going AWOL for six months.

Balancing a busy career with the absolute BOREDOM of a CBC Full Council meeting can be tough.

With the ‘all out’ CBC local elections taking place in May of 2016, the consensus within the Town Hall was that Mark’s Dedham and Langham seat would remain vacant until then.

But wait! What’s this?

A *cough* minority party that currently holds ZERO seats at the Town Hall got a whiff of the opportunity for a little extra publicity.

Let’s call a by-election, STORM Dedham and Langham and begin the Long March to *cough* minority party victory.

Or something.

The CBC constitution states that two ‘members of the public’ can call a by-election if a seat becomes vacant.

These two members of the public needn’t even live in the ward where there is a vacancy — which is just as well, seeing as though the minority party would probably fail to reach the required number in Dedham and Langham.

That’s Dedham AND Langham.

And so the farce of the CBC Monitoring Officer kick starting the wheels of democracy took place in October.

Candidates had to be found for the three other political parties, agents were awoken from their autumn slumber and the residents of Dedham and Langham were pestered by the bloody political door knockers.

The BIG DAY arrived in Dedham and Langham, and whaddyaknow – on 22 October it was a case of same as it ever was, with Tory Anne Brown returned as the new Cllr for the ward with 545 votes.

As for the minority party that had the cheek to call the by-election?

That will be UKIP, whose candidate William Faram managed 60 votes.

Well done you.

Young George Penny of the LibDem’s got in some useful work experience with 57 votes.

Comrade John Spademan has a bit of work to do to convince the Dedham and Langham residents that the Corbyn revolution is right for their ward – 38 votes.

And so £3,695.56 has been spent so that a Tory Cllr can claim a seat from a fellow Tory Cllr for six months only.

We trust that Cllr Anne Brown of CBC will find time for her Dedham and Langham residents, in-between her other role as a Cabinet member at Essex County Council.

Nobody needs another Dedham and Langham AWOL Cllr right now.