Wonderhouse Wonga

We really meant to go to the February meeting of the CBC Revolving Investment Fund meeting last night at the Town Hall.


We *really* did.

But it was bloody raining in SUNNYCOCLH.

Our hair might get wet.

We’re still ever so slightly excited to hear exactly what a Revolving Investment Fund committee gets up to.

We have grand visions of a train shed style turntable in the Grand Jury Room with the Committee members all rotating.

It’s been a long day.

So yeah – what did take place?

The official CBC minutes [pdf] have now appeared. As ever, they aren’t all that.

WONDERHOUSE was of course our main reason for wanting to attend. We first found out about the latest CBC plans for the Cultural Quarter along Queen Street via the agenda for the meeting.

All that we can add is that WONDERHOUSE will be wonderful. Plus it will be a little tricky to fund on the wonga front.

But it does look very nice.



Cllr Tim Young certainly thought so.

The minutes describe the contribution from the Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Culture:

“It was an exciting proposal which would benefit the whole borough. It would add to the visitor experience and also would provide a much better working environment for staff currently located in the Museum Resource Centre.

In addition it would unlock a piece of Colchester history, as it would reveal a bastion and a stretch of Roman Wall that were currently hidden from public view.”


Geddin, Comrade.

But wait! What’s this?

Trust the apolitical Economic Growth Manager of CBC to take the WONDER out of WONDERHOUSE:

“It would be challenging to align all the potential funding streams. This may necessitate the continued occupation of the Museum Resource Centre for a period whilst it was under offer.”

To be honest and any asset of the Cultural Quarter, built or not, appears to be challenging when it comes to the potential funding streams.

Except for the ACE Waiting Room.

Which isn’t part of the long-term vision.


The financial figures were then apparently looked at by the Committee. But as they involve ‘commercial sensitivities’ and might trouble the pretty little heads of the residents, then they are exempt from being reported.


Let’s spin the Table of Fortune and see what the Revolving Investment Fund has to say next month.

Hopefully it wont be raining, Comrades.