CBC Salaried Class

Officer Pay Policy – it’s always a tricky subject for anyone to approach at Colchester Borough Council.

It’s not exactly easy to blog about, either.

First things first: Officer Pay Policy – it all sounds awfully military and regimented.

It’s not.

Basically we’re talking about how much CBC pays it staff.

And by staff we mean everyone from those on the lowest salary (whose work hasn’t yet been out-sourced) right up to Chief Exec Adrian Pritchard.

And so whaddya reckon the average salary of a Chief Officer is?



Um, Lower!

£72,538.03 to be precise.

As a comparison, what is the average salary of EVERY OTHER MEMBER OF STAFF that isn’t a Chief Officer?



Lower! etc…



That’s quite a gap.

Or to put it another way (as the CBC Officer Pay Report [pdf] very kindly does)…

Pay multiple of Chief Officers’ pay to lowest paid staff – 4.91 to 1.

It is worth mentioning that these figures EXCLUDE the election fee paid to the Chief Exec for overseeing the whole ballot paper counting process.

For 2014 / 15, this figure was a one off payment of £15,387.64.

Disclaimer: this is far more than just standing around on election night and then reading out the winners and losers. Planning, protocols, plan B’s, etc.

But still.

Nice work.

And to conclude on something positive:

“Colchester Borough Council pays the national Living Wage as a minimum standard for all employees, including apprentices.”