Book Festival Bookings

We started to write a brief post plugging some of the Colchester highlights coming up at the Essex Book Festival.

We made to the end of the second day in the schedule, and thought: WOH.

The Essex Book Festival is basically the Colchester Book Festival.

Can they read in Chelmsford?


And so trying to select a highlights package is like watching the best bits from TOTP 1983, and then trying to select the best bits – something that we tried to do over the Christmas break…

Your best bet to be honest is to have a shifty over at the Essex / Colchester Book Festival website, and then pretty much pin the tail on the donkey.

Not that local authors are donkeys, mind.

What is ACE is not only the range of events, but also venues around our patch: the University, 15 Queen Street, Colchester Library, Firstsite, The Minories – they’re all there.

Plus the Festival launch is something pretty special with A L Kennedy reading from Serious Sweet at the University.

She’s an Essex girl at heart…

Sixty events in total take place throughout the County during the month of March. The organisation is carried out by an independent charity run by a board of volunteers.

Time to stop reading, and download a full pfd programme over here.