Oysters & Alternatives

It was a Tale of Two Cities Towns in Sunny Colch on Friday.

Oysters Vs Chips.

Pomp Vs Pensioners.

A civic piss up Vs a nice freebie for some of the senior citizens of the town.

Ah yes – the annual Colchester Oyster fest came round once again.

Not to be outdone with all the quaffing of oyster juice [is this right?] were the Comrades of the Colchester Labour Party and their alternative fest.

The (ever so slightly) left of centre wags.

It wasn’t quite class war in Sunny Colch, but congratulations anyway to the Comrades for putting on another freebie alternative oyster fest.

Cllr Dave Harris is very much the moving force behind this event. It has been running for over thirty years and always raises money for charity.

Dad Mum dancing was evident.

Looking good, Madam!

Meanwhile back in the invite only Moot Hall and it was a much more serious business. Speeches and plenty of back patting no doubt took place. But we can’t clarify that because like most ‘normal’ [ARF] residents of Sunny Colch, we didn’t get an invite.

We must say that the Town Hall did look rather splendid with the continental flags flying proud as we passed through earlier in the week. This was as far as we got to seeing inside the Moot Hall and the grand gathering for the great and good of Sunny Colch.

We prefer it that way, to be honest.

But we hope that those that did get a Friday afto jolly had a fantastic time.

And yeah – we know that you pay for the piss up yourself…

Does anyone know precisely who was invited?

And exactly how do you get invited?

Much like the Comrades of the Colchester Labour Party, we fail to see the point of the outdated Oyster Fest. Pomp and ceremony has no place in a *shhh* progressive town.

It will be interesting to see if the Comrades continue with the fish ’n’ chip response in two years time when it is expected that Labour’s Cllr Julie Young will make the case to be the Mayor.

Build it or burn it, Comrade.