Revive & Thrive Thing

And so Revive and Thrive is coming to Sunny Colch at the end of September.


A huge well done to Karen and her team for making this idea actually happen. It is another example of the DIY ethos that is increasingly coming to define our town.

Why wait for the bureaucracy of CBC to go through the Town Hall motions, when you can just make positive change yourself?

That doesn’t stop CBC trying to take a seat at the top table, mind.

Tuck in.

Revive and Thrive [we think] is essentially a national movement that aims to boost the local economy.

Town centres can pitch for the annual conference to be held in their patch.

What then happens depends pretty much on the delegates. We hope that the Colchester event on 29th and 30th September will generate not only ideas as to how spread a little love around our town, but also some action.

The Revive and Thrive folk that will be welcomed to Colchester have the professional knowledge as to how to help towns make the most of their existing selling points.

But you can’t beat the local knowledge on the ground for enthusiasm and ideas.

Some very kind statements of support have already been offered up by others in the town [apologies – we were tied up with the ‘fashionable Hackney’ thing when this was all taking place…]

Some of the videos that will be up for the public vote as part of the conference have started to appear online.

We LOVE the simplicity of the pop up idea explained in this vid:

The Colchester Card seems half-decent.

Sorry. We just don’t understand any of this.

You can add your vote over here.

Now then.

How to house 150 delegates on the cheap?